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Annica is a Swedish nature lover living in Australia creating art inspired by our beautiful natural world.

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For me creating art is a delightful meditative process.My work is all about exploring. And spreading joy. Nature is my muse. This is where I find my inspiration, but simply putting paint on a white canvas is super inspiring for me too. I allow myself to go on a journey into that lovely, soothing flow state.
And when I eventually I come back to reality, I step back to witness a forever captured imprint of the feeling I had while in that creative moment.
I am from Sweden and moved to Australia in 2005. The incredible landscapes,wildlife and colours we have here have really influenced my art lately, but there is always a little streak of my Skandinavian blood in my artworks. Those deep forest lakes, light summer nights, pine forests and birch trees are forever in my heart, and therefore also in my work.

My background is not only in art but also illustration and animation. I think this is reflected in my love for bold, neat lines that is keeping all the wild colours and textures together nicely. I like when things are contained yet wild and free. A little bit like a reflection of my own personality perhaps?

I hope you like what you see and please pop over to my social media pages as well (where you can follow works in progress and other colourful things)!

If you have any questions please jump to my contact page and we’ll take it from there. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to get some nature into your day!

Annica Malmkvist

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