Meet the Artist

Annica is a Swedish nature lover living in Australia creating art inspired by our beautiful natural world.

Hello! I’m Annica, a Scandinavian artist who found a new home in Brisbane in 2005. My Nordic roots, with their deep forest lakes and endless summer nights, still weave through my art, creating a unique blend of two worlds. Before Australia, I immersed myself in illustration and cartooning, and you can see this playful spirit in my work.

My art is a journey, both literally and metaphorically. I spend countless hours outdoors, wandering through rainforests and scaling mountains in Brisbane. These explorations don’t end when I step back into my studio; they transform and continue on my canvases. Every stroke of my brush is a step into the unknown, an exciting twist in my creative path through the landscapes of my imagination.

Creating art for me is akin to meditation – a delightful, immersive process where I explore and spread joy. Nature is my endless muse, inspiring me in ways words can hardly capture. But the mere act of bringing color to a blank canvas is equally thrilling. I surrender to the flow, letting my brush lead the way into a world of soothing tranquility. When I finally resurface, I’m greeted by a canvas that captures the essence of my creative trance – a tangible memory of the joy and peace I felt.

Since moving to Australia, the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and rich colors have significantly influenced my style. Yet, my Scandinavian heritage always leaves its mark – a subtle thread connecting my past to my present. The essence of Sweden, with its serene lakes and lush forests, forever echoes in my art.

My background in art, illustration, and animation shapes my love for bold, clean lines that harmoniously contain the wild bursts of color and texture in my work. It’s a balance of control and freedom, much like my own personality.

I invite you to explore my world of art and join me on this vibrant journey. And don’t forget to visit my social media pages for a behind-the-scenes look at my works in progress and other colorful adventures!

Annica Malmkvist

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