Pool Of Sky


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Most of the time I am inspired by sceneries in our natural world, but every now and then by stories and dreams. In this case, this painting was inspired by a dream that my beloved had. In the dream he was standning by a lake, and when he jumped in to the lake he found himself floating around in the sky… a pool of sky. How dreamy isn’t that!? I just had to paint my version of this.

I can also see how I have been inspired by all the charred trees in our rainforests, from the horrific fires in 2019. As horrible as that was it is wonderful to see nature recovering.The black tree trunks creates a beautiful contrast to all the colours around it, and the new growth on the trees are so life affirming.

121.8cm x 60.9cm x 3.5cm
Acrylic, liquid ink pen on canvas.

Shipping not included in price, contact me for a quote. Local pick up available.

1 in stock

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